Dirty Text Messages: How To Make Her Pulsate With Desire With Anticipation of Your Touch

Dirty test messages, how you can turn a normally sane reserve lady into a cauldron of molten passion and desire.

Although dirty text messages are the cause of many relationship break ups, they are one of the best ways to drive woman wild and pulsate with desire in anticipation of your touch..

Consider dirty text messages as a form of foreplay, no matter where you are you can if you have a phone you will have the power to turn your woman into a pulsating furnace of desire.

Word of warning before I explain how you can send shudders of excitement racing through her entire body, text messages are one of the most popular way for cheating partners to get found out. If you are sending dirty texts to anyone other than your partner please delete all sent and received messages, if you have a bill phone, buy a separate phone.

Why text messages work well to turn her on. The mind is the most powerful sex toy of all. Women get incredibly turned by the thought of what you will do to them, dirty text to make her wet men are more visual. This is why text messages are incredibly powerful to enhance foreplay.

You can create any fantasy or situation using text messages.

Each word is crucial, intrigue her, slowly let her know exactly what you are going to do, how excited you will feel when you are with her. This is your opportunity for slow, erotic tantric foreplay. If she has waited all day for your entrance, can you imagine how receptive and excited she will be.

Your words are your weapons of influence. They are extremely powerful, you will probably have the most intense experience when you send dirty text messages for hours, even days before you and your partner finally get the opportunity to create the scenario you both have visualised in your minds

Note: The brain is the most incredible and powerful sex toy of all.

The following is just a small example of what you could say, I hope this inspires you to write amazing texts.

Your power is in the detail you use, a slow, intense, teasing and confident…

Tell her how you will feel when you see her, standing in the hall wearing her favourite purple jammies. the way the soft cotton caress the contours of her incredible sexy body. Her pert nipples are gently getting aroused. As you close the front door and stand silent, completely mesmerised by her beauty and how sexy she looks. Ask her to softly allow her fingers to meander inside her top. Slowly tracing her soft skin, you can hear her heart beating. Tell her what will happen. You will walk up behind her, your fingers gently open her collar. Lifting her hair, revealing the nape of her neck, your kisses gently descend. Your tongue circling and tracing along her soft skin. This is filled with intense sexual excitement.


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