Asked Questions About Pressure Washers

Most households are making decisions to invest in their pressure washer machines. This is essentially out of the realization that keeping hiring a pressure washer for a thorough cleaning each year is more costly than simply buying one. After all, pressurecoach it is possible to get a good home washer for as little as $100.00 saving yourself overtime hundreds of dollars. Along with this desire to purchase own pressure comes with some questions that most people ask.

What are PSI and GPM figures shown in pressure washer adverts?

These numbers in simple terms are a common standard for communicating the capabilities of any given washer. Washers produce water with pressure higher than your home hose pipe. This pressure is measured in pressure per square inch abmantra (psi). It is also released from your washer in a certain volume measured in gallons per second. The higher the psi number and the GPM number the greater the power a given washer possesses. Usually, homeowners are recommended to purchase washers with a 1500psi and 1.5GPM. This is powerful enough to carry out household chores.

What is the difference between industrial and home pressure washers?

The difference between the two is primarily found in two main aspects i.e price and power. These two aspects are linked. An industrial washer has up to 4000psi and Brightsfuture 3.5GPM. It does much heavier work greater than a home washer can accomplish with much efficiency and effectiveness. Industrial washers, unlike home washers which run on electrical power run on gasoline. They have a powerful pump and engine which can run all day non-stop. It also follows that due to these capabilities industrial washers cost more and are often too powerful to use in a home setting

What duties can I effectively execute with my home washer?

Your washer is ideal for light projects such as cleaning your garage, your car, janneylimys your driveway, and your ride-on mower. These are small tasks that your washer can accomplish perfectly within a few hours of focused work. Some theirrationals people use home washers for small business chores. This may work and often does. However, continued use of a home washer frequently without rest will also translate to fast wearing out. Your pump may even cease resulting in replacement parts being needed.

How best can I take care of my washer when I buy one

Taking care of your investment is the best thing to do indeed. If you live in a place where there are freezing seasons you must ensure that you drain your washer of any water to avoid damaging the pump. This is the most common problem pressure washer owners face. Many people forget and leave their washer full of water which freezes and cracks important parts in the pump. Also, Aidant ensure that you service your pump by changing the oil. Engines need oil just like a car and will cease if ignored. Make an effort to read your owner’s manual so that you operate your machine accordingly to avoid damage.


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