MLM Sales Secrets of the Online Jedi-MLM-Ninjas

MLM Sales Secrets of the Online Jedi-MLM-Ninjas

You’re probably looking at this article because you want to learn how to create massive, ridiculous amounts of MLM sales for your business.

It took me five years of being an ‘mlm grinder’ car ninja struggling every month before I finally started to make it in this profession. Although I achieved minimal success through traditional methods, it frustrated me beyond belief. I did hotel briefings, home parties, and met with people in coffee shops – all to no avail. MLM sales success just wasn’t happening for me and I couldn’t figure out why until FIVE years passed by…

Here are the breakthrough ideas that catapulted my MLM sales success to the moon:

1. The number one principle you need to understand for unlimited MLM sales is to forget the concept that a duplicateable system is the key to success. Don’t get me wrong Latest foodie story – real duplication is essential to growth – however I’ve seen many creative distributors who have had extreme lack of growth because they refused to use their creativity in their MLM sales process.

There’s one word for this kind of behavior – it’s called ‘crazy’. The simple fact is that there are four main kinds of personalities, and they all need different approaches to succeed in their MLM sales efforts. If you are good on the phone, but lousy in person, you can probably recruit from cold leads with no problem at all. Let me be clear – I believe that using cold leads is never the best strategy. My point is – be YOU and you’ll be well on your way to prosperity. Success in MLM is created by virtue of ENTREPRENEURIAL INNOVATION, not duplication – so go for it!

2. The second thing you need for massive MLM sales is to have a sales funnel in place that will follow up with your prospects for you – automatically. I cannot believe how many company websites I’ve seen promoted online that don’t even have a simple autoresponder in place! I can’t believe how much people would waste their hard earned money attempting to market a website like that. If MLM is going to be treated with the professionalism that it deserves – (and it rightly should) – we need to be professional. In fact, it takes 10 times the amount of effort to make sales if there is no automated system in place to help.

3. If you want to know the ULTIMATE MLM Sales secret – it is PERSONAL BRANDING. Unfortunately, the online universe if filled with used car sales pitches, broken promises, more info please visit these websites:- and frustrated distributors. The refreshing thing is that your audience is looking for an actual person they can relate to who can help them reach the success that they deserve. Can you honestly expect people to trust you as a business person if your website is completely unpersonalized?

Canned company websites just don’t work anymore. These websites worked well several years ago, but as the information age has changed marketing technologies, it is the personally branded home pages that are taking over the internet.

4. You need to learn and apply the most effective online marketing strategies. This is the most important possible step that you can take to ensure your success throughout the 21st century in your MLM sales efforts.

You may find yourself getting overwhelmed when you look online at the plethora of marketing strategies that you could start using to market your business. However, I want you to understand that over the last 5 years it has become irrefutable that the fastest way to achieve success in MLM sales is through internet marketing. Distributors who understand how to do this are at the top of their companies pay plans all over the world.


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