How to Recognize a Good CAD Drafting Service Provider

Once you locate a prospective CAD drafting service provider, look for the following:

>> They should be technically skilled

Give them a sample to do and see if their output is accurate

>> They should be deadline-oriented

They should deliver on the nail every time

>> They should understand technical English well

A lot of tech-talk is involved in any CAD drafting outsourcing exercise. The provider should be fluent in CAD-speak. Talk the language and see if they comprehend

>> They should be good communicators

If you email them, you should get an answer in 24 hours. If you ask for something, they should act on your request immediately

>> They should have labor resources

If you occasionally have more than the usual work for them to do, they should have spare labor so that your other delivery schedules are minimally affected

>> They should have strong references or testimonials

Out of the two, a reference that you can inquire with is always better than a non-verifiable testimonial

>> They should have a strong set of Internet tools

Like these: An ftp server, a broadband connection, drafting services a backup email address and Skype. Most importantly, they should have a screen-sharing application (where you can see their screen in real time) so that you can look at drawings together online

>> Their decision-maker should always be accessible to you

This way policy decisions (like those concerning pricing, extended services and joint ventures) will be swift and the outsourcing relationship will evolve faster.


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