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According to latest reports over 10 lac metric-tons of food grains worth several hundred crores of rupees were lost due to rotting in the FCI godowns during the last one decade alone; this despite FCI spending hundreds of crores in its attempts to prevent such losses. Loss of food grains of this order is something we can ill-afford to lose in this manner! techpiled
During procurement FCI godowns are literally flooded with hundreds of thousands of bags of food grains piled-up 3-4 stories high, if not more which keeps growing!

And when bags are required to be released for a shipment while it would be tempting to do the easier thing namely release the required bags from the top-layer that would be wrong and against the rules also. What exactly is expected to be done is release the bags required from out of the bottom-most layer of the pile-up. Not adhering to this rule results in earliest receipts getting permanently stuck at the bottom! realisticmag

In actual practice what has been happening is the golden rule referred to earlier is completely ignored and the easier option resorted to has become the normal practice and hence the huge losses that have been repeatedly occurring over the years!


Obviously the problem experienced at the ground-level is genuine and needs to be addressed taking advantage of latest technology available. At the moment RULES are in place such that responsibility can be fixed on individuals and heads made to roll. But then this is not the solution nor is it any compensation for the huge irreparable losses faced by the country as a whole.

Supposing food grains are stored in square steel containers that are brought in to occupy slots as it happens in any Automated Car Parking System (ACPS) and thereafter made to occupy positions side -by-side and one-above-another to eventually appear like a huge Rubik-cube. Monitoring of this process of picking the container for delivery purposes could be left to the computer as in the ACPS. In fact the system involved here is much simpler because entry and exit of container is not at random as in the case of ACPS. For more Info please visit these sites:-

Now that the Food-Ministry has decided in terms of privatizing certain functions of the FCI and some 4 or 5 corporate bodies are learnt to have been short-listed also to undertake the task on Build, Own and Operate Basis the suggestion made could be taken up for a favourable consideration.

Of course the system suggested is capital intensive but then any day such investments are recoverable and no waste at all from the macro-viewpoint. On the other hand the kind of losses reported of over 10-lac metric tones of food grains lost during the last decade is a LOSS IN REAL TERMS a developing country such as ours can hardly afford to incur.


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