Time Champ Online Organiser

DSIworldcorp, releases Time Champ web based time and project management application for use on any PC, PDA and Mobile device. “Excellence in e-time management!” Online time managers are rapidly becoming an integral part of our everyday life. In the majority of cases, sokaworld utilization of the existing time managers proved to be quite an uncomfortable and time-consuming process due to their poor user interface (overloaded navigation, slowness, unclear workflow etc.). DSIworldcorp designed a completely new concept for an online time manager, which requires minimal page reloads as possible and provides all information available on the same screen. kinmagazine

A UNIQUE SOLUTION for business executives, professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs of all industries. Time Champ is the affordable solution. businesschamp

Time Champ

easy to operate time manager lets you take full control of your time, tasks, priorities etc. One of the most unique Time Champ features is that all tasks can be managed within the same browser window, giving you full access to all sections of the application. Apart from this, a customized WAP browser version of Time Champ is also available for use. Unlike the most other applications Time Champ allows you to: businesssalt



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