Mobile Commerce Applications: A Boon For Your Business

Mobile commerce has come a long way from being an offshoot of e-commerce expected to generate sales during holiday seasons to the main source of revenue for businesses. According to a recent survey, only last year, mobile commerce grew by 150%-200%. This simply indicates the immense popularity of the applications being developed by individual mobile phone companies. Leading names in providers of smartphones like Android, Apple, and Blackberry have marketed some of the most popular mobile commerce apps, that have enhanced user experience to a great extent. Every business today looks to build their market presence through the use of these applications developed on mobile commerce software. e commerce app

It is not surprising that 2010 saw a surge in the number of mobile applications being developed by various smartphone providers. And for your business to flourish, all you need to do is use these customized applications to promote and sell your products. According to market experts, you do not always need the services of a web developer to be able to frame your own application. All you need to do is download the mobile commerce software available from these providers and use them to create personalized applications.

Here is quick look at the advanced web developer tools that you could use to design your company’s mobile application.

Apple iOS Developer Program: by using this developer program, one can create a mobile application for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Apple uses the Objective C as the preferred programming language. The center has a host of tools, tips, and guides fro almost all purposes. The high popularity of iPhones and the user friendly interface provided by these applications can turn your product sales charts, appreciably high.

Android OS Developer: Designed to aid developers in creating Android optimized applications, the Android developer center also supplies you with how-to-do videos, sample projects and many other such features in their start-up kit. Your mobile commerce applications developer must be familiar with Java programming language and every thing else falls in place. The registration fee for Android OS Developers is much lower than that of Apple iOS Developer Center. แทงบอลที่ดีที่สุด

Blackberry OS Developer Zone: Blackberry is undoubtedly one of the largest mobile platforms in the world. The programming language used is Java micro-edition.

Just as these developer systems are available for those who are not familiar with the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, there are application developer softwares that are designed for use by experts. Traditional web developers can actually use these programs to create applications in the code they understand best, and later on upload them using the native code of the platform they desire to launch it in. Prominent among these developing systems Appcelerator, batterystoragehome MotherApp, and PhoneGap. Ideally, in order to generate better and more innovative mobile commerce applications, you must go for services of professional web developers, and let them design your company’s mobile application.



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