Pittsburgh Search Engine Optimization – What is It?

Pittsburgh search engine optimization is an interesting topic which seems to have a lack of information on that potential customers of can read about. So I wanted to review what-it-is and how it can seriously increase your sales and website traffic. So let us begin with some definitions, I feel it’s important that we start with a definition so that we are both on the same page and you don’t get lost with what I’m talking about.

Search engine optimization (call SEO for short) is a process of making changes and adjustments to a website to product the effect of ranking or be positioned higher on search engines for targeted search keywords/phrases. In Pittsburgh and the surrounding area optimizing a website can be a little different than other areas. For one there is less competition for targeted local areas. For example Bulter County. Which makes the effectiveness of optimization better than what can be expected in other areas in the US or even within Pennsylvania. So you’re aware of the genral process of optimizing a website whether is be in Pittsburgh or not I’ve outlined how that works below.

The process of SEO, most of the time, starts with research and analysis of the website being optimized, company, competition, and rate a search term is being search for – to determine what the best search keywords to target will be. This in itself can be a length process but it’s an essential step toward winning. pittsburgh seo company

Next factors on and off of the website are reviewed for effectiveness with these chosen target search terms. These factors are usually group into two categories “on page” meaning those factors actually on the website itself that effect search positioning and “off page” meaning those factors that effect search positioning that are not actually physically on the website.

On page factors include such things as how may times the target search term appears in the text of the website. Where off pages factors include such things as how many quality links you have going to your website from other websites.

To list all of the factors would be very long and most likely would not be beneficial to this introductory article on search engine optimization. So just keep in mind that there is a nice sized list of factors that effect ranking and it’s the job of a search engine marketer to handle each of these factors appropriately.

Addressing these factors can be a time lengthly process. For most search engines updating there search able databases takes time. This time lag effects the process of optimizing a website. For example, if some factors are changed on a website, in order for these changes to be seen in the search engines and effect positioning for targeted term one would have to wait till the next time the search engine update it’s data on that website. As well factors that are not located on your website can take additional time to update in the search engine’s search database – for example if you got several links from a few other websites you’ll have to wait for each of those web site’s data to be updated in the search engines before those links will count towards your site. (FYI, the link will get counted as soon as that site linking to you is updated in the search engine you don’t have to wait for all of the sites to be updated in order for the links to count.) And but since all websites on the web are not updated in search engines at the same time on a frequent schedule (there updated based on separate schedules, some of which are monthly or longer) you can see how a big waiting game can ensue.


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