How to Effectively Use a Personal Development Program

“You have to do it by yourself and you can’t do it alone.” ~ Unknown


The best way to develop yourself is by developing yourself on a continual basis. I’ve spoken to people who rave about Tony Robbins this week. Next week Bob Doyle is their guru. The following week Abraham-Hicks is their master teacher. Each mentor is the greatest thing since sliced bread until the next one comes along.

The question to ask: How can you master a philosophy in one week? You can’t get the full benefits of Tony Robbin’s teachings unless you practice his principles over a series of months, Personal Development Mentoring if not years. The same holds true of any personal development mentor. Get the most out of a self-help program by focusing on a single teaching for a specific period of time. When you begin to see dramatic results feel free to move on to another school of thought.

How do you get the most out of any personal development program? Follow these steps.

Shop Around

Don’t make an impulse buy. You use that which you value. You usually won’t value something bought on a whim. Select a handful of programs which seem interesting by shopping around for a few days.

Test Drive

Most personal development programs offer free videos and materials prior to purchasing the product. Use these resources. They usually indicate the teaching style of the self-help mentor. If you’re a hard-charging type Randy Gage may resonate with you. If more peaceful perhaps the Abraham-Hicks people are more your speed. Get a feel for what the personal development program offers you.

Weight Out The Pros And Cons

What do you like about the program? What do you dislike? List the pros and cons. By providing a detailed synopsis of each tutorial you get the most bang for your buck.

Make A Purchase

Once you’ve decided on a tutorial move into action. Buy it immediately. A personal development program can be worth millions of dollars to you. Don’t scrimp on something which can change your life. If something costs you $200 but results in a return of $600,000 is it worth it? Keep the Big Picture in mind.

Read Each Word

Don’t skip anything. It’s tempting to rush through a personal development program at breakneck speed but it does you no good. If you don’t understand the principles how can you apply them?


Study the materials. Food must be digested in order for it to be assimilated properly. The same goes for a personal development program. Study the teachings daily just as you’d study for a college course.

Put It Into Action

What you know is useless unless you use it. Practice the techniques outlined in the chapters. Any reputable teaching provides actionable exercises.

The most important point of your day is Now. Unless you’re using the knowledge shared in a personal development program now I suggest that you shut off the lap top, choose a principle from a self-help program, and put it into action immediately. If you don’t own at least one personal development program now’s the time to begin your research.


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