How Do You Reload a Prepaid Debit Card?

There are a couple misconceptions about how you load a prepaid debit card. So let’s shoot them right down shall we?

Misconception #1 – You can only reload prepaid debit cards with cash.

This was true back in the day when prepaid debit cards were just learning how to walk but times have changed. You see the whole idea behind a prepaid debit card was for you to load it up with your cash so you could use the plastic online, over the phone, or at your corner dry cleaner. The entire prepaid industry was built to serve the unbanked community. reloaderscenter

But now prepaid card companies are reaching out to people who are underbanked or who even have normal relationships with their banks. These customers have regular jobs and are paid through normal channels and so the card companies have been wooing them into loading up their reloadable cards via direct deposits – either from their payroll checks or from their bank accounts themselves. In fact, littletalky companies will suspend any loading fees when you sign up for direct deposit; in other words, the load is free. Some prepaid companies have even offered bonuses for direct deposits. So if you go the prepaid card direct deposit route, you’ll never have to show cash to a cashier again.

Misconception #2 – Loading cash onto your debit card is inconvenient.

I have to admit that this one is partially true, but only for those people who could use direct deposit but don’t. For the rest of the prepaid debit customers out there cash is a mainstay of their lives. They often work in jobs where they receive straight cash for their labor and they’re used to having it in their pockets and pocket books. officialreloadersstore

When you’re always carrying around cash it’s pretty convenient to load up your debit Visa or prepaid MasterCard right at the store. Many retailers even have the machinery to “swipe load” your card at the register. You just walk up to the cashier with your cash and your card, tell him or her how much you want to load, they swipe your card through a card reader, and voila, you’re card is reloaded.

When you load up your prepaid cash card in this way, there are no more steps to take – like having to phone the company to finalize your load or use their website. It’s as easy as buying a pack of gum. faganpainting.


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