Happiness, How To Find It, And Where To Find It

To start with, Blogline one ought to know and analyze the depth of the word ‘happiness’. Happiness in terms of science is a state of mind where a person finds the universal environment to be soothing to him or her. Nevertheless, this scientific definition is not enough for a term like this. Happiness is the sole thing that is responsible for all the strife of a human life. Happiness, though aspired by all the individuals, is attained by a few. Such a rare thing this happiness is, yet it lies among our clutches. We live and strive to be happy but we do not happily strive. We believe it to be a treasure, princefoundation yet it cannot be measured with all the wealth assimilated. Happiness is such a difficult term that it cannot be understood fully. Yet if you do not understand it fully you will not be able to attain it. Once you attain you will be complacent and perhaps lose it. You lose it and you will again strive to attain it. Happiness comes within the heart, perhaps it is said that because of the light-hearted feeling one feels as he or she gains happiness due to some action of them or others. However, developing a being happy attitude will require you to focus your mind on the factors of your life that is going to make you happy. Because whatever we do, whatever we want to be, whatever we want to achieve, is just because we believe by doing, or wanting, or achieving that thing, we will be happy. Let us study the following story that may draw some light on how to find happiness. pollenindex

Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a Prince in the most comfortable home known to most people. He had the perfect life, the life everyone dreams. The finest clothes, the finest foods, all the comforts, care, and all the luxuries one can spare. The best doctors across the land attended his ailments, the best tailors sewed his suits, from the best farms came his vegetables, the best company of friends along with the best entertainment to keep him merry. Still from his own perspectives, the Prince found out that being merry or happy was the strangest thing to him. If he wanted to believe he was happy and all the other royals are too, then why the wars? Why is this tyranny on the poor? Why are all the feminine royal eyes always wet? Moreover, why does he not feel like he is happy to be precise? These questions stormed his mind from time to time, and making him determined to find his answers. kutyulva

On his 21st birthday, there was a grand celebration at the royal castle. Taking the advantage of the bustling crowd in front of the castle gate, their beloved Prince had given them the slip. Once out of the castle the prince went straight to the stable, took his horse and went off in search of the happiness he was seeking. Although he did not know where to go, he decided that he would go to an inn and rest for the night, and after that, he would pursue on his quest. On the way he traded his princely vestments for simple robes and simple food gave his jewels to the poor folks in return he received their blessings and wishes, izomautok he felt light hearted and happy for the first time, and sensed the happiness in giving. Finally, he went back to the inn and slept in the hard bed at the inn. Though not accustomed to this he felt peace for the first time. For the first time he felt that achieving something purposefully desired gave him happiness.

Later, on his journey he came across a jocund company of travellers. They were coming from different parts of the country, as well as from other countries. One was young and one was old, one was timid and one was bold, one was short and one was tall, but despite their differences, they always gave a hand if the other took a fall. When asked why they care for one another they answered they were friends. When asked why they were so merry they answered because they are all together in their journey of life. When asked why they were always so happy they answered that they are having everything a person needs to be happy. This confused the prince, why be this vagabonds wearing rough clothes, eating rough bread, drinking cheap ale and sleeping on the cold and hard ground happy? This has to be the silliest joke he had ever heard: so he laughed, otthonszuletik and watching him laugh, the others started to laugh. He asked them why they were laughing they answered that they were laughing as because he was laughing, and they thought that they had made him happy. The prince developed this fact that being with the persons or friends one really wants to be, fills the mind with a sense of happiness. Doing something meaningful for a person also brings happiness in our minds.

As he moved along on his quest for happiness, he roamed through the outlining villages where he found the air bereft of dust, smoke and other pollutants very refreshing indeed, as if Mother Nature was spreading her arms to embrace him. Although he was alone he did not feel lonely, he felt as if the wind was whispering him tales of old, that remained untold, of kings and their swords, and the pirates and their gold’s. Where the lovers sang, and when the church’s bells rang. The prince felt he was relieved of the worries of the world as he discovered that there is no reason to be worried of as Mother Nature takes care of those who are weary in their lives and need a break. The break he got was enough to refresh his mind and make him move along his journey. Here the prince developed that air factors a lot in our minds, if the air we breathe is fresh, it re-energizes our mind and body. The body feels better and the mind feels rejuvenated. Fresh air makes our mind free from the worries and tensions of our life for the time being and makes us feel light-hearted. When nature calls, even a pessimistic person will not be able to hold on to his or her pessimism. villanyt-szere

His journeys brought him to a small village, where there were no inns or pubs to stay. However, our prince found a very kind and helpful family who were ready to shelter him for a few days. Here the prince found that although these folks were poor still they were happy when asked they said that they were living together sharing their foods, drinks, joys and sorrows like a family. They love their wives, respect their elders, and care for their young ones. These basic feelings are required to stick together in the pathos of life and make a family. It is not important how big the family is, it is important that the persons comprising the family are having love, respect, affection, and care to have make out a family. The prince here developed the very necessity of family, to be happy.

In this village, the food he found was cooked simply. The usual recipes he usually enjoyed at his home had a simpler edition over here. The food was easily digestible, which made him eat to his heart’s content. In addition, its preparation was mostly natural and without the added preservatives, which made it taste even better. The prince found that in order to be happy, eating the proper and especially simple foods is good to maintain sound health, sound health makes a sound mind, and happiness always comes from sound mind. Before taking his leave from people of that happy village, the prince asked his last query that how these people were happy and never scared of anything and never feared anyone or anything? The answer was that these people believed in five core values of life that led to happiness. In addition, these core values were honesty, integrity, trust, self-awareness and positive energy. The people of that village worked honestly and never cheated or lied in their businesses and work. They had powerful integrity in them, and a powerful integrity is to do what one thinks and does what he/she says. Their integrity was strong since they were honest and had a solid foundation of mutual trust. They were aware about their motives, feelings and desires which keeps them from the sudden upsurges in the composure of their mind. Plus the presence of every possible positive energy in their minds and hearts made them hold onto these values even in the times of hardships.


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