LEGO Heroes

Lego Heroes or better known as Lego Super Heroes is a theme and product range of Lego and was introduced in 2011. The product range features both Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters. The DC Comics range was launched first in late 2011. The Marvel Comics range was launched on April 10th, 2012, and featured alongside the 2012 film The Avengers. imi9bet

The initial sets released included nine sets from the DC Universe range. The largest sets were “Arkham Asylum Breakout” which had 1619 pieces and eight minifigures. In addition to the initial release two polybag sets have also been released under the DC Universe range and they were “Batman jetski” and “Batmobile”. Lego have also announced nine other sets are to be released in 2012 under the Marvel Universe range. joker681

Before the initial wave of Lego heroes sets, Lego had given away five different minifigure promotional sets at comic conventions in the United States. At the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, a Green Lantern minifigure and a Batman minifigure were given away to raffle winners. At the 2011 New York Comic Convention the minifigures of Green Lantern, Batman and Superman were given away at the DC Comics booth. In July 2012 4 more exclusive figures were given at the New York Comic Con to raffle winners. joker78

Lego have also released an additional magnet set under the Super Heroes theme. It is a three piece magnet set comprising of Batman, Robin and The Joker figures each attached to a magnetized brick. pggame365

The Lego heroes Marvel Universe sets are based on the film The Avengers, the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, the X-Men comics and the Iron Man 3 film. In addition to the normal sets, Lego heroes also have buildable action figures called Ultrabuild sets and features 3 characters from the DC and Marvel universe. 168galaxy

In the Batman range, henchmen were generic characters with only their bodies changing to match the villain they served. In Super Heroes, they are more personalized, like the Joker henchman having his face painted and different clothes, and the Two-Face henchman having different faces and clothes. Most characters color schemes have stayed the same, except for Two-Face’s, which has radically changed from white and black to orange and purple. Batman’s vehicles regularly use black and yellow where the original ones would use black and gold and he also sometimes uses a light grey and dark blue colored vehicle. While in the first Batman sets, numerous villains would carry guns, most of the villains in DC Universe don’t have guns at all, with the exception being The Joker who even then has his fake “BANG” gun. gcwin99

Many of the structures in Batman would use dark colors like brown, black and grey, the three structures released in DC Universe. The Joker, Riddler, and Harley Quinn’s funhouse, a bank, and The Batcave, are normally more colorful. The Funhouse mixes the color schemes of all three villains included together but the Batcave uses both of the color schemes Batman has used on his vehicles throughout the first wave and adds transparent light blue lights. hp888


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