Baby Shower Ideas and Themes – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

OK, you have heard those 4 words: ‘We’re having a baby!’, now what? A baby Shower needs to be planned, that’s what! The perfect way for the expectant parents to get everyone to say things like:’ We’re happy for you!’, ‘Best wishes’, or even ‘It’s about time…!’ is for someone to throw a party that will have everyone saying “WOW, ideasandmind what a party!’ That is when you (as the party planner) will need to put on your Baby Shower Ideas and Themes hat.

Let’s face, the best person to host the Baby Shower is a close relative or a very good friend! And the best time to have the party is anytime in the last months of the pregnancy.

The Baby Shower, just like any party, needs to be planned carefully so that everything comes off without a hitch. It needs to go according to the plan set down so that it can and will be memorable for everyone. And, although there are NO hard and fast rules that are cast in stone, someone that is planning this party must have in mind the best Baby Shower Ideas and themes in order to pull it off in the expected way!

There are some helpful tips to follow to help organize this most important event:

Baby Shower Ideas and Themes tip #1 Decide on the location.

The location of the party needs to have a bit of time put into the planning. How large of a group are you going to be expecting o attend? What kind of food is there going to be served? Is it going to be a Co-ed party?

The expectant parent’s home is usually a first choice because it is a fairly intimate setting and, of course, you need to take the soon-to-be-mother’s health into consideration, however, there may be other, more suitable surroundings for the above mentioned factors

If the expectant parents love the outdoors, maybe a barbecue theme would be appropriate, or a neighborhood park. Think about the weather! (a baby Shower does NOT really mean getting all the guests soaked to the skin!)

There is also the thought about reserving a portion of a restaurant (or bar?). You can’t beat this idea for after-party cleanup! ideashackers

Baby Shower Ideas and Themes tip #2 Choose the party’s theme.

A conversation with the mother-to-be might give some ideas about the decorations. Maybe a re-construction of where they had a memorable event: Honeymoon, Anniversary, favorite vacation.

AND, since this is first and foremost a celebration of new life, there should always be a little childish brick-a-brack around: Cartoon characters, a fantasy environment and bright colors!

Baby Shower Ideas and Themes tip #3 Finalize the menu.

A good part of your time, as a planner will be spent planning, preparing, and/or organizing the catering of the food to be served. The time of the party will, naturally dictate the type of food.

A good portion of the time, finger foods and/or bakery goods are served for the convenience of the planner and mother-to-be, however, if the party is planned for Lunch or Dinner time, or if you have a lot of out-of-town guests, a heavier meal might be planned. Consider the expectant mother’s wish as it pertains to alcohol service.

You also might consider majority preferences as to vegetarian / meat / religious diets etc..

Baby Shower Ideas and Themes tip #4 Design a fun program.

There WILL be a lot of mingling around and people seeing others after a fairly long time absence, however, the real reason to get together is to celebrate and the best way to do this is to enjoy yourself and others with a fun environment that games will have a big part in helping to throw one of the most talked about parties in your area!

Charades, childhood remembered games, and games that will help all party attendees get into the spirit are the best.

Consider physical surroundings and physical conditions of all attendees in this respect.

Baby Shower Ideas and Themes tip #5 Create the guest list and send out invitations.

The expectant parent’s list should be consulted and given the top priority as far as who should or who should NOT be invited. Make that list, add your suggestions and then get it approved BEFORE you even draft the invitations. Do not make a mistake in this area. Your party will go flat in a minute, otherwise.


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