Meteor Strikes Explained For the Sims 3

Meteor strikes are a new addition and only available with The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion for added fun and mayhem. The best part about them is that they happen randomly. Some game players that have played for months have never even experienced one yet but they do exist and do happen. Electronic Arts stated that the meteor strikes will remain to be a rare occurrence but there have been reports of players that used no mods or cheats and were struck twice within 15 minutes apart.

So far it is speculated that you can trigger one to happen by spending lots of time outdoors and looking through the telescope. It is still unclear whether or not the unlucky trait helps trigger a meteor strike from happening but there have been plenty of reports supporting that the unlucky trait was not active on Sims that were killed by or experienced meteor strikes.

I had a Sim killed by a meteor while he was standing outside in the backyard for over a day. I had set his needs to static (as I was trying to trigger the “Oh My Ghost” kod na swobodne obracanie przedmiotów sims 4 opportunity). All of a sudden I heard this whistling sound as though something was dropping from the sky and my Sim was automatically trying to do a duck and cover while standing. He was killed by the meteor and his ghost spawned an orange and charcoal grey color.

You can save a Sim from being hit and killed by a meteor strike. When the meteor strike happens there will be the warning whistling sound with a shadow on the ground of where the space rock is going to land. You need to move your Sim out from the shadow. You would think that your sim would be safe while indoors, but this is not the case because meteor strikes can land on top of and plow through houses too. If your Sim happens to be hit by a meteor, just keep a death flower on hand and you can exchange it for the grim reaper to spare your life. Babies and toddlers will not be killed by meteors. The cool thing about meteor strikes is that the space rocks have a sale value. After analyzing them they can be worth anything from $200 Simoleans up to $4,500 Simoleans.

The downside of these events is that after the rocks land, there will be fires on the lot that will need to be extinguished and you will need to replace outdoor items, furniture, plants and trees, doors, and windows. Even the terrain/ground will have a huge hole that will need to be adjusted.


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