Seven Hot Blogs For Satellite Internet Users

Whether it’s Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress, or, the world of web publishing is alive and well. And for every here-and-then-gone missive that happens to light up the online landscape for a couple of months, there are those others that have staying power. Whether through book deals, filmyhitblog ongoing success with advertisers, or simply cementing a place in the hearts of fans, the blogosphere is exploding. And now that the world wide web is something beyond simply seeing text, those who are blogging can use everything from embedded audio to streaming video. While those sorts of blogs might not work well on a dial-up connection, anyone with satellite internet and more can enjoy the content of these seven hot blogs, spillopperiet which are bringing new meaning to web 2.0.

#1 Dancing Alone to Pony – Sometimes a blog details happenings, but other times, it brings an entire cultural phenomenon to light. Enter “Dancing Alone to Pony,” which posts videos of people from YouTube who have decided to do the choreography to this 1990s hit. Whether it’s in an abandoned daycare center, Army barracks, or a dorm room, kvinnovasjon these videos and this Tumblr are one of the latest online hits.

#2 Instructables – Not quite a blog, this website posts various instructions from different people who are particularly adept at making things work. This can mean anything from figuring out how to build a desk from oddly-shaped pieces of wood to completing electrical rewiring. Incredibly useful for those using satellite internet who might have a knack for crafts and repair projects. lilug

#3 Mirror – Proving that criticizing film does not need to stay in the hands of those who are seasoned in making it, this film blog has managed to attract attention for its film-buff-as-critic vibe. While the opinions sometimes might veer from aesthetic into social commentary, for the most part, it manages to feel a step beyond college thesis land. And anything that Roger Ebert tweets about can’t be half-bad.

#4 S**t My Kids Ruined. Hot on the heels of the success of the blog S**t My Dad Says, ravinala which is now a television sitcom starring William Shatner, this blog details images of the havoc that children can wreak upon just about anything. From expensive sunglasses to man’s best friend, it seems that children are sometimes little hurricanes. Hilarious for those with and without children.

#5 Stuff White People Like. From an older generation of hot blogs, the text-heavy approach here runs on satellite internet just as well as it does on other connections. The question is content, toptechpublisher which in the hands of other writers would have gone stale by now. From The World Cup to picking your berries, this blog manages to stay on top of the zeitgeist in the most appealing of ways. Look out for the book, which is in stores. Not bad for something that started as a simple blog.

#6 BLDG Blog – For those with an interest in the world of architecture and design, there’s simply no better place to head first. With informed contributors from around the world, wholepost a look into everything interesting that’s happening in design, and a great layout, BLDG is always a pleasure.


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