Things Not to Have in Your Healthy Eating Menu

We have all heard of all the healthy foods that we should have in our healthy eating menu. Having balanced meals in a healthy menu is quite easy with all this information on eating healthy. There are so many sources of information and guides to creating a healthy menu for daily living that people have access to. This information is detailed with all the benefits of eating healthy and all the detrimental effects of not sticking to a healthy eating menu. However with all these guidelines on how to eat healthy, it is also important to know what not to compromise on when it comes to a healthy menu.

GMOs are a latest feature in the food market, providing a larger and faster yielding variety of foods to the people. But with the level of controversy surrounding these types of foods, they should not feature in your healthy eating menu. This is because the nutrient quality is affected by the procedures and additions of chemicals and artificial fertilizers that the growth of these foods. A healthy menu should contain foods of excellent nutrient quality. Foods that do not have this quality should be exempted from a healthy eating menu.

Highly processed and packaged foods are also a no-go zone in a healthy eating menu. This is because these foods are usually added with artificial preservatives and passed through many processing procedures to ensure that all bacteria is destroyed to ensure that they last longer in the shelves. The problem with such foods in the healthy menu is that the same procedure used to destroy the bacteria also affects some of the nutrients and vitamins in the food making the nutrient quality much lacking. For your healthy eating menu, always go for fresh produce as it does not contain these preservatives which are not good for your health.

Finally, fast food and foods from restaurants cannot be classified as foods to be part of a healthy eating menu. You cannot add these foods in a healthy menu as these foods are usually prepared in mass amounts and overcooking or using excess oil and salt among other types of seasoning can always occur. Unless you have overseen the full process of the preparation of the foods in a healthy menu, anything else does not suffice. A healthy menu should contain. A healthy eating menu should contain foods that have been prepared with detailed precision ensuring that the nutrient quality is preserved through the whole preparation process.

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