Your Copywriting Business – Getting Clients By Building Your Brand Online

Marketing your copywriting business online is very different from marketing yourself via direct mail or print advertising, in two major ways: online is forever and cumulative. It’s vital that you keep these two attributes in mind; they’re new thinking to most of us. Whether you’re a new copywriter or an experienced pro, you can put these two attributes to work to build your brand.

Your Brand Is You: It’s Your Profile And It Sets You Apart

What’s your “brand”? Essentially it’s the way you differentiate your copywriting business. In marketing-speak, it’s “positioning”. Think about branding as building your profile: it will happen organically, so you don’t need to spend much time thinking about it.

Now, let’s look at how branding gets you clients.

Online Is Forever: Everything You Post Online Helps You To Build Your Copywriting Brand

Once it’s on the Internet, it’s forever. When it comes to building your brand as a copywriter, this is a good thing. It means that anything you do to promote your copywriting business has a long-term effect. A good example of this is your blog. You do have a blog, don’t you? Your blog’s individual posts get clients for you long after you’ve forgotten that you ever wrote the post.

So as you write items for your Web site and blog, more info please visit:- these seemingly tiny bits of information pack an enormous punch. Within a few days, the search engines will find them. Your potential clients will find them, and they bring you clients year after year.

Contrast this with advertising you take out in a magazine. Within a month or two, the response slows, then stops completely.

Online Branding Is Cumulative: Your Marketing Builds Over Time And Keeps Getting Clients For You

Since nothing ever vanishes in the online world, every bit of marketing you do, whether it’s writing an online press release, writing articles to promote your business, and writing blogs, is online forever. As you can imagine, within a short period of time, this body of material mounts up. It snowballs, and draws clients to you without you expending any additional effort at all.

The Internet makes getting copywriting clients a no-brainer. Remember – online is forever, and cumulative, and you can wield the immense power of branding for YOUR copywriting business.

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