What is Obesity? What Leads to the Life Threatening Morbid Obesity?

Obesity is quickly becoming recognized as the modern day scourge of mankind. Once predominantly a disease confined to the western world, an increase in obesity rates is now being seen in many countries experiencing a rapid improvement in living standards. Such is the problem that a world-wide obesity epidemic is close unless there is a concerted effort by governments to face the problem.

What Causes Obesity

Obesity is defined as being in a state of gross over-weight – that is a person has a weight level far in excess of what it should be for a given height and age. In other words the person has too much fat within their body.

A person can consume too much fat from regularly eating a diet high in calories and fatty food – ‘junk ‘food. Food that has no nutritional value whatsoever.

Together with a life-style lacking in regular physical exercise, these are the primary causes leading a person to be overweight, and a person excessively overweight is known by the medical term as ‘obese’.

A serious form of obesity – when a person is so overweight it affects their day to day activities such as movement and mobility – is known as morbid obesity, a condition that can eventually lead to many serious conditions and diseases, including death and permanent disability.

Obesity is a Risk to Health

Body fat fulfills a vital and necessary role in ensuring a person is kept in good physical condition and its presence is considered by nutritionists and health professionals as being one of the vital components of a healthy and balanced diet. However, too much fat, caused by an unhealthy and non-nutritious diet, leads to a number of health problems.

The most serious of these dangerous problems is type 2 diabetes, a condition that can lead to loss of limbs, blindness, and eventually death. A person suffering from obesity can expect to live about 9 years LESS than a healthy, non-obese person. This alone should be sufficient to encourage an overweight person to face their health problem before it develops into obesity.


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