SEM – Live the Rock and Roll Life Style Now

Why do you want to become a millionaire?  Is it because you think your life will change? Of course.  You will have nothing to worry about.  You would never have to stress up about unpaid bills.

Your wife or husband will shut up about money issues.  Your kids will have everything they want. (If they earn it of course, unless you want to spoiled them  😉 )

Internet has made more millionaires than petroleum.  This sounds like hype but just tell me, which business has a limited resource?  That’s right.  On Internet, you find thousands of new customers every minute.

Think about how many human beings are just learning to use a computer today.  Tomorrow, they will start buying online and look up for your products and services.  This is incredible.

One of those successful careers you find in today’s business arena, is the ability or knowledge of some individuals to position products, services or offers of any kind in front of the right targeted audience craving to buy.

Companies pay millions of dollars to these people.  They are Search Engine Marketers.

A Search Engine Marketer (SEM) is responsible for the most important task of a company: To market the products and get results.

Traditional marketers, publishers and advertisers are having a bad time going back to the drawing table and learning about the new trends on their trade.  There old formulas for marketing are no longer useful.  They became dinosaurs.

Today, every company knows that the yellow pages, newspapers-magazines advertising, gigantic signs on the street are losing the battle against simple results on a search engine.

Even Television and Radio advertising are no longer as effective as in the old “good” times.

All this topic is reduced to a simple game of power.

In the past, customers were in a rather unfair disadvantage against the companies manipulation and monopoly of information.  Today, within a couple of minutes, anyone is able to find the best option for any product and service available.  If Information is power, the customer is today, the master of that universe.

In face of such a dilemma, most companies have made a smart decision. They are hiring experienced “wizards” that will help  them with their advertising campaigns.  The company with the best SEM, will have an incredible advantage.

If your company does not appear on the first 10 pages of Google, something wrong is going on.  They are obsessed with that and are willing to pay a lot of money to those privileged individuals.

This is a trend that is creating a new breed of professionals.  Those years in front of their computers, just playing with affiliate marketing, adsense, AdWords campaigns are now paying off.

The old whales are finally recognizing that you have the power.  You are the one who says the last word.  Your voice is a million times louder because of Internet.  Take advantage of that.

You got information on your side.  Use it with responsibility and it will pay off.

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