Life Insurance, Me?

As many people today, the thought of getting life insurance was not a pleasant one. I thought it was for the older ones, when you are closer to the end of your life. And I also had the erroneous feeling that if I got insurance that would only increase my chances of being hit by a bus at a young age.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Life insurance is not just for those you leave behind, but for yourself, to be used to build wealth and secure a stable life style.

Many people also think that their need for insurance ends when they stop working. However, it can be a valuable financial asset that can help you enjoy a more secure and comfortable retirement.

I have also seen many couples entering retirement, are concerned that they will outlive their retirement savings. As a result, they may try to limit their spending to what their retirement accounts earn each year, preserving the principal to help ensure that they will never run out of money. However, this conservative income strategy may limit their ability to fully enjoy retirement. There is something better you can do.

Retired couples also face another issue. The monthly income payments that they receive from Social Security, pensions and annuities may be reduced after the death of the primary recipient. This may occur at a time when a surviving spouse still needs this income to live on. Whole life insurance may help you address these concerns by providing additional financial security for you and your family during retirement.

Let’s break it down, Whole life provides two important benefits:

One: Protection

The policy death benefit is generally paid income tax free, and can be an important additional financial resource for a surviving spouse.

Two: Cash value accumulation

The cash value that the policy builds over time can be accessed on a tax-advantag

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