Is Your Life Easy, Fun, Enriched With Great People, Do You Have an Overwhelming Sense of Fulfilment

Are you sick and tired of working hard and not receiving the results that you feel you deserve?  I am pleased to tell you that life can be different. Over the past five years I have theoretically studied and practically learned how to change my life from a life style of hard work, frustration, physical, mental  and emotional unrest to a living a life and having a lifestyle that I love, that I am passionate about, I having balance in my life, I have time for myself, time for my wonderful family, time for my friends and of course time for my self and what I see as the icing on the cake is I also have the funds to enjoy it all. If you’re thinking that I am a freak…… you are absolutely right. If you would like to be a freak to read on and learn some I what I have done to turn my life around.

Living and extraordinary life and having the funds to enjoy your life are a skill like any other.  Let me use a story to high light what I mean.  Every body cooks…. right? Bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning, chicken and vegetables, roast lamb, stir fry’s and so on. What if you want more, what if average food won’t cut for you, what if you want to experience 5 star foods? To experience 5 star foods you can either spend the cash to eat out somewhere nice or you can learn how to cook 5 star foods. To do either, time and effort is required to have one of those experiences. Let say for the moment that you want to be able to cook 5 star foods. To do that what do you need to learn? Where can you learn it? How much will it cost in time and money?

If you want an amazing life and to be able to afford the life style to go with it, what do you need to learn? Where can you learn it? How much will it cost in time and money?  Life coaching was the biggest, most effective, most powerful tool I have come across to give me the skills and knowledge to have the most incredible live. I for a long I didn’t believe that I could live this sort of life and it is only in the past 4 months that I have accepted my new reality and I am still in oar of the fact that I created it.

Life coaching has had such a profound impact on my life I have completed formal study to combine my past study and experience of humans so that I can be a part of other people creating the life and life style they want. OK are you ready for some tools to begin or continue you journey? Self awareness is a major skill in creating your perfect life. How can you have more self awareness?

  • Read books – on self development or how to be a great chef (if you catch my drift)
  • Hang around people that have what you want – Learn from them, be inspired by them.

I Buy those people a coffee or share some of my home made beer and I ask them great questions. Some of the greatest things I have learned have cost me the price of a coffee $3.50 like the master card ad coffee $3.50 the things I learn, priceless.  

Give!! – What ever recourse’s that are abundant in your life, time, money, knowledge. Give give give!

Buy someone a meal, bake them and cake, white then a short note to say that you appreciate having them in your life. Those notes are far more powerful than I ever thought.

Invest in a good  – what denotes a good life coach?

Someone who spends the time to work out what you want to achieve and partners with you to teach you the skills, ability and techniques you need to achieve what you want. As apposed to a coach that wants to “fix” you buy telling you what to do.

If you think and feel you are ready to move towards the type of life and life style I have spoken about get in contact with me. I would love to help you achieve your hearts desires and in doing so I get to out work my purpose of helping others to live a more fulfilled and enjoyable life.

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