How I Turned My Life Around and How You Can Too

My father was an alcoholic who died at the age of 57. His drink of choice at the time was 100% over proof rum.
I hated what alcohol did to him and what he did to our family while he was under the influence but when I became a teenager I fell into the same trap and started to drink also. Why? Because it was all I knew and because I needed friends. It was easy to do what they did.

I was headed down the same alcoholic path my grandfather and father were on. But fortunately something happened to which opened my eyes and made me want to stop my destructive destination.

I had children! I realized that if I didn’t break the alcohol chain I may give my children the life I had and end up like my Dad.

I already was living the life style. Going to the bars each weekend with my husband. Which became our weekend entertainment. Having parties at our house with alcohol as the focal point.

One after another wasted night at the bar, when my husband took the baby sitter home I reflected on my life and realized it wasn’t going anywhere but to the same life I had as a kid and if I didn’t make some changes my kids would live a repeat of my life.

It was then when I got down on my knees and asked God to help me quit drinking. Fortunately all I needed to do was make a commitment to stop and I was able to do that. I believe it was because I never got to like drinking and never drank much it just became a social habit which luckily I easily broke.

From that point I never tasted alcohol and my life totally changed. My kids did not end up with the life I had as a child and I didn’t end up with the life my Dad and Grandfather ended up with.

My children are well adjusted kids who are successful. I am still married after 44 years to the same man and we have n alcohol free, happy life.

What did I do? I found truth and lived it and now have the happy consequences.

1. Found God

2. Repented

3. Tried to make up for my mistakes – Learned to be honest

4. Was obedient to his commandments

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