How Do You Achieve Work Life Balance? My Simple Formula!

Are you having a challenge with work life balance and making that happen for you? Do you feel pulled in too many directions? Can your life sometimes feel like it is spinning out of control?

Do you want true balance in your life?

Me too, I am writing about this now and sharing it with you because that is exactly what I wanted to accomplish in my own life not too long ago, work life balance.

There was a time when that was a distant dream. Something that other people mastered but I could only image. Improving balance in my life seemed out of reach for me no matter how hard I tried, or did I really try? That was the big question. I really didn’t try mainly because I didn’t know what to try.

I kept hearing everywhere I turned balance is important, you need to be centered. Too much of anything isn’t good for you.

I have to say that my motto back then was, “If one is good two is better.” Of course that type of thinking got me in a lot of trouble.

If you stop and really think about that concept you will realize that anything you have too much of can and will cause major problems. It certainly did for me, which is exactly why I felt the need and urging for balance in my life. That lead me to the simple formula I am going to share with you that has been working out for me ever since.

Work Life Balance Putting it all Together

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