Enrich Your Life – 4 Steps to Enrich Your Life With Love

Just as nutrient-enriched soil produces healthy garden crop, an enriched life promotes a healthy life style. When you allow love to fill you from within the clouds of negativity dissipate. These 4 steps show you how to enrich your life through the power of love.

1) Make a decision

When you make a decision to love in spite of and not because of, you allow the love from your inner being to surround you and enrich your life.

2) Connect within

Connect with the love within by becoming more conscious of the Spirit of love. We experience negative feelings many times because we are more focused on them and therefore we become overwhelmed by negativity which cast a shadow over the love within our inner being.

3) Act and live out of love

Being focused on the love within influences your actions and the way you respond to outer situations and people around you. Your life will become more enriched as you act and live out of love.

4) Use the formula for success

R=IOT – Repetition = Imprint Over Time

Practicing love creates an imprint in your life which becomes your habitual lifestyle. Sure, at times you may find yourself gravitating back to the old way of thinking but as you continue to practice, the imprint of love will become ingrained within your mental activity that you’ll find it easier to quickly shift your mindset and connect from within once again.

As you connect with this love, allow the warmth to fill and saturate your inner being. If you sit in front of a camp fire you feel the warmth of the flames, but if you move away, you begin to feel cool. It is the same with love. If you remain consciously connected with the Source energy, you will constantly experience the warmth which will enable you to express love to others.


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