City Slicker, Totally at Ease With Life in the City

He was born and grew up in the city, and is used to the hustle bustle of all kinds of people coming and going, frantically trying to get to someplace quick. He is single, and has a small, but relatively expensive, studio apartment conveniently located a couple blocks from his office in the heart of the downtown area.

He walks to work, and has a choice of more than a hundred different restaurants within ten minutes of his place. His pad is also within walking distance of the university where he graduated, and is surrounded by theaters, parks, museums, hotels, fitness centers, single bars and discos, as well as a healthy mix of high and low-end shopping areas.

The area is trendy and fashionable, populated by people from almost every ethnic persuasion. He is used to hearing six or ten different languages during the course of a day which adds favor and an exotic mysticism to his daily routine. Public transportation is available all hours of the day, perfect for a city and a young man on the move.

He thrives on the noise and the chaos, and couldn’t imagine living any other way than the way he does. Life in the suburbs is not even in the realm of possibilities. Life in the countryside is unimaginable. His life consists of work, working out, eating out and socializing interspersed with fitful bouts of sleep.

He has occasional thoughts of finding someone to share his life with, but is having too much fun being singe to give that idea serious consideration. Besides, he is still young, just twenty-seven years old, and isn’t really ready to get tied down yet. He has had several possible encounters with fate, but they hadn’t worked out, much to his mother’s chagrin.

He keeps slim and trim, unlike his friends who had gotten married. He works out at the gym four or five times a week, and plays basketball, baseball and football regularly, depending on the season. On weekends he frequents the jogging trails, often running for miles along the trails and parks that magically intertwined throughout the city.

His pad is decorated for comfort and style, elegant but practical. It’s fancy enough to impress almost anyone if he chooses to invite them, yet few have witnessed that side of him. He is actually a fairly decent cook, but never likes cooking for himself, so he almost always eats out. He prefers adventuresome ethnic fare as opposed to fast food and regular American cuisine. He likes Thai and Indian food, Greek and Persian delicacies, Italian ice cream and sushi restaurants. He likes eating in European style outdoor cafes where he could sit for hours watching people as they walk by.

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