City Life Versus Country Life

I can remember when I was a young child lying in my grandparents living room floor and asking my grandmother about the unlocked front door. She without even looking up from her sewing answered that there was no one out there that would be bothering us. It was far different then anything I had even witnessed before. Being that I was from up north, where you were in by the time the street lights come on, doors locked curtains closed and the television to drown out the police sirens, it was safe to say I was shocked. I mean it really tripped my out. There Georgia home was as small as the town it was in. Everyone knew each other and friends weren’t hard to find. At night there was no police sirens, instead the consent chirping of crickets filled the moonlit yard. The only thing separating me and the outside world was a very thin window screen. The window left open to allow the cool breeze to blow threw. This new life style fantasized me and I grew founder and founder of the southern life.

Years later I settled down in the south myself. Bound by the childhood memories I once knew. It was the type of life I wanted for my children. To be able to explore and be adventurous or even chase lighting bugs after dark. Wide open yards to roam and play. Or a large shade tree for Sunday picnics down by the creek. The city life could never compare to this. The only gunshots you heard, were when a opossum gets into the chicken pen. Life in a word simple.

Now there are some drawbacks to living out in the country. For instance you may have to drive a few miles to get to the nearest store. The pizza man will probably get lost every time he comes to your house. And I have heard others say they miss the noise of the city life, car horns blowing from angry drivers, jackhammers being used on the street down the road. I can’t say I miss any of it, and on a trip back to Ohio last year, I ended up leaving early just to get back home, while I still

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