5Linx Business Opportunity Review

In a business of course there are PROs and CONs. 5linx is not exempted on that. Of course 5linx have their good and bad side as a business and it will only be up to the team members which side they want to go. Here are the PROs and CONs of 5linx.


1. You can never put up a business if you don’t have an investment. Same goes with 5linx, you need to invest. There is a $499 one time start fee and you will only pay $49.99 monthly but you will also receive a lot of freebies from 5linx.

2. Building residual income is not as easy as ABC. It needs time and effort. It is all up to you. If you are really not building a team, then you need to have a lot of customers using the 5linx services to earn residual income.

3. 5linx is not a get rich easy business. You need to exert effort, you need to work and spend time for you to earn. You’ll have to have a strong team if you want to succeed.


1. Where can you start up a business for $499? Most of the business usually needs thousands of dollars upfront. In 5linx pay the one time fee $499, $49.99 monthly and annual fee of $99 and you will have the opportunity of getting unlimited income for your investment.

2. The $49.99 that you will pay monthly will not be worthless. That is because you will receive tons of products and services from 5linx. You will have the back office info, 5linx University, 5linx magazines and a lot more.

3. 5linx has products and services that most people are already using. You do not have to do hard selling because the customer already knows that the product that we are offering is what they need. They offer VOIP, internet, TV and many more.

4. The compensation that you will receive is extraordinary. You will have a company leased BMW if you get to the SVP level. Free company stock, vacations, monthly expense allowance and more.

5. Compared to other companies 5linx representative don’t need to offer useless things to the customer each month because the customer simply uses the services monthly.

6. In 5linx you can have all the support and assistance that you need. Their customer service is very terrific.

Bottom line here is if you like what you see and are interested in growing a 5Linx business it may not be as easy as it appears with the training methods 5Linx provides. 5Linx will tell you to make a list of your family and friends and hit them up with the business opportunity. Problem with that is your family and friends were not looking for what you have so you may get comments like “I am too busy and I don’t have time” or “I hate selling” for more details please visit:-http://Trendscorridor.com  http://casinoslotstech.com  https://latestnewsbulletin.com  http://proentpreneurs.com or “This looks like a pyramid scheme” or “I don’t have the money” or “Come back to me when you are making big bucks”. Comments like this are very common because family and friends are not your targeted market. In order to succeed you will need to get in a position where people are reaching out to you because they have a want, need or desire for the products, the services or the business. If you learn to use the power of the Internet you can have people reaching out to you each and every day because they want what you have. Without having that internet exposure you could find growing a 5Linx business a tough road.

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