Free Gardening Magazines

There is no reason to pay $5 at the grocery store or bookstore for a gardening magazine, or even $2 per magazine through a subscription. There are plenty of ways to find free gardening magazines online if you just take some time to do some research and fill out some forms. Some websites will send you a free sample issue while others while allow you to sign-up for a year-long subscription for filling out a simple survey or signing up for another offer.At, shoppers can choose from five different free gardening magazine offers. The Garden Center Magazine, which provides national coverage of horticulture retailing for independent garden center business owners, is a great option for any small horticulture related business owners, like florists or landscapers. Also useful for landscapers is the Landscape Management magazine which serves the professional landscape field. Both of these free gardening magazine offers are directed towards those on the commercial side of gardening.Also offered at is a free subscription to Garden and Greenhouse magazine, which includes columns and articles on new plants, products, and practices in the market that greenhouse users, indoor gardeners and traditional gardeners should consider for usage. For more details please visit:- It is an easy, quick read, perfect for those hobbyists on a tight schedule. It is also unique because it offers tips specific to growing plants and flowers in greenhouses as well as traditional, outdoor gardens. Many pro gardeners who are starting their first greenhouse will find this magazine helpful without being overly simplistic.The one year free subscription to the Garden Design magazine is for serious gardeners who see the landscape around their homes as being just as important and special as the homes themselves. Garden Design boasts gorgeous photos of the best gardens from around the world and is perfect for experienced gardeners who are planning a new garden or looking for tips to improve one they have already started. Because it provides sample plans, lists of plants suitable to your needs, and even profiles award-winning designers who can help you, this free magazine subscription is a necessity for every gardener.Another great place to score a free magazine subscription is at By signing up for a free trial membership to the Garden Club, you can enjoy a full year’s subscription to the Gardening How To magazine. After you sign up for your free subscription, you can view the magazine online, or you can wait until it comes to your house and enjoy reading it by your own special garden. The Gardening How To magazine offers tips for beginners, novices and pros. There are plenty of pictures and gardening plans to keep gardeners at any level interested and challenged.

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